Texas Mediation Group Helps You Get a Divorce With Less Time, Pain, and Cost!

Divorce Mediation Fort WorthMediation is the best way to reduce the conflict and emotional stress caused by divorce.  It is never  easy to deal with, but if you have the added stress of the huge costs involved with the usual two-lawyer approach, many couples find it almost unbearable.

We at Texas Mediation Group are dedicated to a more gentle and affordable method. We are experts at diffusing the emotional time-bombs that inevitably come up. We guide you to better decisions as you communicate with each other through this process by helping you to see the bigger picture.

Let’s face it….litigation can get ugly! Mediation is as amicable a process as divorce can be. Especially when you have someone to guide you and help you manage your emotions and not “feed the fire” of a “must win-get even” attitude.

Also, we actually answer our phone calls and pledge to be accessible to our clients to ease their fears and anxieties in this tough process.

We have a 96% success rate of reaching a mutually satisfying settlement agreement with our clients.

And we can do all this with huge money savings for you!