Divorce Advice – Uncontested Settlements & Clean Break Orders

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Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter squabble about pets, property, belongings and children. If the two parties can be mature and rational, communicate about their situation and make compromises then an uncontested divorce can bring the marriage to a quick and smooth end.

The two parties don’t need to agree on all elements of the separation in order for an uncontested divorce to work, but they do need to work together to negotiate a conclusion which is agreeable for both. Luckily many people manage to end their marriages in this way, instead of clogging up the courts with messy and complicated divorce cases.

There are loads of benefits to uncontested online divorces, not least savings on litigation and the reduction of stress involved in divorce. Uncontested divorce is simple and inexpensive, and offers a discreet ending which preserves the dignity of both parties. If neither party want distressing personal issues picked over in a court room, then uncontested divorce is often the best solution.

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