Divorce – Court Room Tips

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When it comes to the Court Room, you will find this to be a strange place. Once the divorce proceedings begin, the outcome of your divorce is in the hands of a total stranger – the Judge. You no longer have control. All decisions will be made by a stranger. Of course this stranger may be having a bad day, not feeling well, or even have had a major fight with their spouse the night before. I know it’s scary and may even seem unfair, but this is the real world and it happens all the time.This judge is now in control of the outcome of your trial.

Here are a few tips to help prepare you for the Court Room experience:

    1. First, I strongly recommend you try to settle as many issues as possible before entering the Court Room.This means the judge won’t be in control of everything.
    2. Do not expect the Judge will always make decisions in your favor. There are three directions the judge can go when making a decision: Your way, your spouse’s way, or the Judge’s way. As you can see, two out of three are not in your favor.

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