Divorce Mediation – 10 Necessary Steps To Avoid A Painful Mediation Process

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1. Understand the Divorce Mediation Process

Mediation is a practice where couples planning to split meet out of court and resolve their issues. The process is facilitated by a qualified mediator who compiles the final draft of the divorce declaration that is acceptable to both parties. Over the course of several sessions, issues such as child custody, property rights, and financial issues are sorted through. The mediator is not there to provide legal advice. Some tips:

  • If possible, talk with people you know who have gone through mediation
  • Be realistic about your temperament; are you going to be able to sit in the same room with your spouse and calmly make these important decisions and consolations?
    • Talk with a psychologist if you have one.

2 – Choosing a Mediator

Choosing a qualified mediator who meshes with your personality will play a key role in successful divorce mediation. There are many sources you may utilize the help find a mediator to interview such as:

  • Internet Search Engines – just type in divorce mediator, your city into your favorite search engine
  • The yellow pages
  • Ask your attorney
  • Ask your therapist
  • Ask your pastor, rabbi, or other clergy member
  • State mediation associates
  • Etc.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a mediator

  • What training has the mediator completed?
  • How many years has the mediator been practicing?
  • How many successful divorce specific cases have they mediated?
  • How many divorce specific cases dropped out of mediation?
  • Do they provided a list of references?
  • Have they been published, trained other mediators, been asked to speak, or served on association boards?
  • What are the fees?
  • Do they offer a free consultation?