In Agreement On Your Divorce Settlement? Probably Not! 3034

Clients usually think that their divorce settlement is going to be somewhat easy. They expect themselves and their spouses to be rational, reasonable, and fair. They know that most divorce settlements  end up in quarreling, mean-spiritedness, and bitterness .

However, they genuinely feel that their divorce settlement will be the exception. They tell me that they are in agreement on “everything” so the divorce process should be easy, not take much of my time, and the cost should be minimal.

10 Questions to Ask When You Think You Are In Agreement

  1. How about the home? Who keeps the home or do we sell it and which realtor is used?
  2. If selling, what is the plan if the house does not sell before the divorce is final?
  3. If the divorce settlement calls  for one spouse to retain ownership of the home, what is the plan for obtaining release from the mortgage company of the other spouse’s guarantee so they are free to buy another home.
  4. Who is taking the debt on the automobiles? What is the plan when the creditor will not release the other spouse from the debt obligation? How about title?
  5. Who is taking the debt on each credit card? What is the plan if that person refuses or is unable to make the payments on the card?
  6. What does the divorce settlement say about who gets the pets?
  7. Which parent will be the primary custodian and what exclusive rights and responsibilities does that entail?
  8. What is to be the child support, spousal support, and visitation agreement?
  9. What are to be the tax filing, tax refund, and tax penalty arrangements?
  10. If health insurance does not cover a particular medical cost, who pays?

More and more couples are handling their divorce settlement without lawyers. There is still the issue of putting together a divorce settlement that includes agreement on all of the issues. In addition to disputes  there are usually important subjects completely overlooked.

We can help to settle the disagreements and make sure that nothing is left out. With our experience and non-emotional involvement, we can guide you to an equitable and beneficial agreement through the process of mediation.

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