Inventive Ways To Handle Child Custody Issues

Have you ever wanted a way to communicate and manage your co-parenting issues without actually talking to
your Ex?

Two websites have solved the problem and are being used successfully by parents and legal authorities.  The parents have to sign up and pay around $100 per year to use the site. Other people that are involved in your child custody issues such as Grandparents, etc. can use the sites also.

“In Broward and Miami Dade courts, some judges are ordering parents to use the websites, such as and, to communicate with each other. One benefit is that the sites can be viewed by judges and attorneys, thereby eliminating constant court visits over scheduling, financial issues and simple miscommunication.

Ugly court battles often leave couples unable to speak to each other, or worse, sending repeated emails that can be altered and deleted, leaving no record of the discord or how to resolve it. The Wizard and other sites give therapists, divorce mediators, family coordinators and even the courts the ability to view the site and resolve issues without costly litigation.”

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For Divorced parents trying to manage their child custody issues but are having a hard time of it…this may be an excellent solution.