Mediation – Advantages To Mediation

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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can avoid litigation. There many advantages and is highly recommended way to resolve a dispute before court proceedings. If a dispute goes to litigation it can often take a very long time and be quite costly. Mediation will save you time and money. It can be scheduled quickly in just a matter of days which means it will help avoid the hassle and costs of litigation.

Mediation is relatively cheap in comparison to litigation, it usually starts at around $500 per party. The mediation process will usually takes only a few hours to complete and it rarely lasts longer  than one to two days. Mediation can keep costs down to a minimum. The average cost for commercial mediation will usually be about 850 for each party, this is very low compared to the fact that you would generally pay a solicitor at least 250 per hour for their help.