Mediation In Litigated Divorce Cases: The One Thing You Need To Get Rid Of Before You Go Into Mediation (part 1)

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As a certified family mediator and family attorney, I often hear this from clients in the middle of mediating a litigated family case as they’re considering the latest offer from the other party, “I’ll take this offer, I just want this thing to be over.”

The thing the client wants to get rid of is the legal action.

That statement is usually followed by a comment about how the client can’t take it anymore, can’t take the tension and uncertainty generated by the case, the preparation for trial or depositions, and the money it is costing him or her to continue in litigation, etc.

The feeling of desperation and the hope for relief is clearly palpable in their words.

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Vivian C. Rodriguez is a national consultant on case strategy on litigation and alternative dispute resolutions for parties headed for divorce court to avoid expensive and emotionally frustrating divorces. In Florida she is a family trial attorney and certified family mediator.