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The main goal of hiring a mediation manager is the preservation of relationship among employees. He basically maintains coordination among all the employees at every level.

Main duties of mediation manager

The mediation managers have various tools in resolving problems between people and organization. The main duties of mediation managers include:

  • The main duty of mediation manager is to deal with initial enquiries from employees regarding mediation.
  • He has to assess the suitability of cases regarding mediation.
  • He has to maintain records relevant to his post
  • He has to develop links and provide information to partner agencies.
  • He has to write to customers, external agencies and mediators as required by the situation.
  • He is responsible for undertaking any conflict workshop
  • He provides face to face meeting among employees to resolve workplace conflict.
  • He provides communication in the organization regarding any new development.
  • He also has the duty of making presentation to senior managers regarding the work place environment.

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