Mediation Saves Money

save moneyThere are huge cost savings with divorce mediation. The cost of divorce done through our process is about one third to one half of that of the traditional two – lawyer approach. We have four ways of saving you money; 1) Our hourly rate is less than most attorneys and, 2) the gathering of the necessary information is done by you instead of paralegals and, 3) legal fees for temporary hearings are eliminated and, 4) we have very few to no “peripheral” people we have to pay.

Two professional attorneys charging from $250.00 to $400.00 per hour each will spend considerable time counseling the client, formulating an inventory, attending temporary hearings, negotiating with the other attorney, reporting those negotiations to his client, preparing for trial, and document preparation.

As a Divorce Coach/Mediator we work with both clients at the same time and in separate rooms so there is only the cost one professional. Usually there is some telephone preparatory work done prior to meeting so everyone is on the same page as to what to expect so the actual mediation time is shorter.

The way we handle billing is, a retainer must be paid before we can start work on your case. We are able to take credit cards, checks and of course, cash. If you need time, we can work with you and allow for a payout plan.

Usually, our clients feel we have given them excellent value and their ultimate goal of getting a divorce is realized.