Mediation Techniques For Beginners

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Meditation is the means of accessing the mysteries to your mind, unfolding the secret of life and issues related to it and realizing the fact that all is contained in us. One can use many different techniques as a starter but it is better to follow only simple and commonly used techniques to understand medication properly. As one advances in various meditative abilities, other aspects of medication can also be incorporated.


From the aspect of Yoga, one should sit comfortably on the floor for a couple of hours making sure that he/she does not move. The main purpose behind this technique is facilitating maximum self-discovery with minimum effort and discomfort. In case you want to use this technique, you must find a place that has peace and where nobody’s going to bother you. Make sure that you do not have distractions around you. You must sit on that area floor where you are comfortable. You should be able to hold the position in which you sit and make sure that you do not move for at least 20 minutes. You can meditate with either your eyes being closed or open.

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