Reduce the Quarrelling

Minimizing The Acrimony and Stress in a

Divorce Mediation

The divorce process inherently includes many dark, negative feelings that are very damaging and stressful. It is a very painful event and so it is extremely helpful to have a divorce mediator to coach you through the process. We encourage you to make good choices instead of bad choices. This is a time where your own judgement may be faulty and to have someone that can guide you to better decisions that will reduce the acrimony instead of “fueling the fire” will be invaluable.  We have practical suggestions from our vast experience that can help to reduce the painful confrontations that most of the time accompany a divorce. Helping you to get through this with a minimum of stress is one of our main goals…and, frankly, we are very good at what we do. We invite you to give us call (817)300-6666 and schedule an initial consultation.