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Bob’s Story

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Roofing Company Has Flood of Problems

Today was an interesting day. I was called by Bob, my client, late yesterday with an urgent “We need to get together quick!” So I went to see him this morning only to find that with the huge rain we have had, his shop floor was six inches deep in water.

When I arrived, all hands were sweeping water out and he had a large mop in his hand.

Bob’s Story:

After things settled down a tad, we found a cup of coffee and he began to tell me of his urgent concern. Harold, one of his corporate stock holders and colleagues in the roofing industry had announced to him that he was about to declare bankruptcy both in his own company and personally.

Bob’s obvious fear was that some creditor in the bankruptcy might end up with Harold’s stock in Bob’s company.

What to do:

First, we set about , Please read on