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Who Owes The Credit Card?


Dolly Defendant came to the mediation with her attorney whom we shall call Larry Lawyer.

Hazel Brown  represented Debt Buyer, L.L.C.

The case appeared to be routine – a person who had experienced some hard times and gotten behind on her credit card,  so I moved  through my opening statement  quickly.


Dolly had a credit card, in her name only, to which her husband had charged some of their business items, with her knowledge and permission. They subsequently got a divorce with the agreement and court order  that he would  take this debt after the divorce.

As the years went by, he became affluent and she took a job as an administrative assistant in a dental office and was the primary provider for their three children. He paid on the card after the divorce for some time but quit paying at the time when a $3000 balance remained.

The balance,  growing at 24.9 % (more…)

10 Red Fags When Choosing a Debt Negotiation Firm

Over the years I have had the privilege of helping many folks through the embarrassment of credit card debt either by mediating those lawsuits or negotiating for the debtor. Usually someone has run into problems like loss of jobs or health issues that result in their needing to charge up their cards.

Often people in this situation do not know where to turn. Credit card delinquency has become a national problem.

In this economy, millions of Americans are in credit card delinquency.

Let me share with you ten red flags to watch for when choosing a debt negotiation firm.

Be suspicious of companies that do any of the following:

1. Guarantee that they can remove your unsecured debt.

2. Promise that credit card debt can be paid off with pennies on the dollar.

3. Require that you send them your money to be paid to the credit card

4. Tell you that you can stop making payments with no ramifications to your

5. Claim that creditors never sue consumers for credit card delinquencies.

6. Claim that using their system will not have a negative (more…)