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Prepare Yourself For Mediation: Child Custody

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With custody lawyers Frederick,MD parents have an excellent option for working out the often difficult parenting plan after divorce. Child custody mediation is a process that is meant to avoid the drama and the scars of a long and drawn out court battle. Both parents work together with a third party to determine the best plan for the children.

There are a variety of mediation plans.Yours will be customized to your situation.Mediation plans can become very involved and detail every day of the year and the holidays.Other parents may be able to work together to determine some of these issues and the mediation plan is larger on scope.

Getting Ready for Mediation

When you meet with your family lawyers in Frederick,MD have an open mind. Be ready to listen to both the mediator and your spouse.If you go into mediation convinced you have the only plan it will be a difficult experience.However,if you come to the table with an open mind you can expect the process to go smoothly.

Come to mediation with all of your options written down suggest family mediators in Frederick,MD.Many parents get distracted and quickly forget what they want to say once mediation begins.Prepare notes so this does not happen to you.

Remember that this is not a replay of your divorce proceedings.The mediation process is not the place to continue to discuss spousal problems.The focus of mediation is on your children and their needs.

What to Carry

There are several items family lawyers Frederick,MD encourage all parents to bring to mediation.These items will help the process go smoothly and hopefully do away with delays.

Key to mediation is your proposal for custody of the child. This can include who the child will live with, when the other spouse has visiting rights,a plan for holidays,and other sharing issues you think might come up.

To make sure you cover all the bases with child custody it is recommended that you bring a school calendar to the mediation meeting.A school calendar will list school holidays and the dates when school begins and ends. In addition,you can bring your schedule for work and a schedule of your child’s activities.

Keep in Mind

Do not ever forget that child custody mediation is a separate process from the divorce case. Mediation determines what is best for your child.You may be tempted to discuss child support or other financial issues but this is not the time. You need to make sure that everyone present recognizes the individual needs of your children. Many times,parents go to mediation expecting one plan – a standard plan for all cases.Every mediation process is different. Therefore, the need for family lawyers,Frederick,MD parents is vital.

Family mediators Frederick, MD parents will discover will represent them through the entire mediation process.You will have a dependable advocate for you and your children during one of the most important parts of the separation process.

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