The First Meeting

First MeetingThe first session is a preliminary conference attended by husband, wife, & mediator. This meeting lasts about an hour.

Our agenda for this first meeting is as follows:

  •   Get acquainted
  •   Mutually decide if the chemistry is right,
  •   Discuss fees
  •   Discuss plans & dates for separation
  •  Discuss preliminary plans for children’s living arrangement
  •  Discuss temporary family financial arrangement
  •   Explain the mediation process
  •   Choose mediation session length
  •    Decide which party will be the petitioner
  •    Set the date for the mediation conference
  •    Deliver the data-questionnaire to the client

The next event is the completion by the clients of the data-questionnaire. At the first meeting, the parties received one or two copies of the questionnaire as desired. They may decide to fill out the form separately or together or delegate the project to one or the other. The form is about fourteen pages in length, somewhat comprehensive (VIN numbers on all the vehicles) and usually takes two to three hours to complete. The clients are asked to return the form at least one week before the first mediation session for mediator review.