Time, Privacy and Control

divorce word cloudThe second advantage of Divorce Mediation is that the time from start of the case until the divorce is finalized is reduced. Two – attorney divorces in Tarrant County average 13 months in duration. Our process only consumes a few months.

The timeliness of the client’s getting their questionnaire completed and the gathering of necessary documents back to us strongly effects the duration of the Mediation process.    We have had clients where everything was decided and documented and then  had to wait for the state imposed sixty day waiting period to expire.

Often one or both of the spouses is anxious to get on with their life, and appreciates the quickness of the Divorce Mediation approach.

Also, another huge advantage is that mediation is a private process. That is, there are no public records of the settlement or the discussions. In court litigated cases your divorce proceedings and settlement is a matter of public record, for anyone to see if they want to look it up. If this is an important consideration for you then a choice to mediate your divorce is very advantageous.

A lot of clients feel they want to be in control of their own lives and divorce. It is important to them that they have the freedom to make their own decisions pertaining to division of property and especially regarding their children. Mediation allows you that freedom, as long as you both agree and the decisions are not too far away from the state guidelines. The judge will have to approve the settlement at the final hearing.