What To Expect At The Final Divorce Court Date 3293


The final date before the Judge in a divorce case is often referred to as the prove-up date. It is where a recitation, including testimony of the petitioner, is presented before the court. It is basically a final request by the petitioner to have a Judgment for Dissolution entered before the court so that the terms of the agreement become embodied in a court order.

The first part of the prove-up is the introduction by the attorney. The attorney will set the facts to be presented before the court. The attorney will tender to either the Judge or the Clerk of Court the appropriate documentation in order to proceed. The documents typically include:

1) Proposed Judgment for Dissolution;

2) Settlement Agreement;

3) Joint Parenting Agreement (if applicable);

4) Stipulation by the parties;

5) Military Affidavits; and

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