Why Acrimonious Divorces Should Be Avoided

Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

Acrimonious divorces are prevalent in countries where divorce is allowed.

And why wouldn’t it be when in the first place, most marriages fail because the couples are always arguing and can’t seem to agree on anything. The sad truth with this kind of marriage dissolution is that it only prolongs the agony of both parties. Having to undergo a series of court trials, claims, frivolous motions, accusations and relieving the nasty part of marriage only gives anxiety, sleepless nights, high blood pressure, tensions, and worries. In short, marital dissolution is a complicated case in itself and making it more complicated with an acrimonious divorce will only worsen the scenario.

Keep in mind that no matter how much animosity is present between you and your spouse, you have to know that both of you would only be losers at your marriage’s bitter end. This is due to the many costs that you have to pay if you will decide to bring your divorce to court, and we’re not talking only about money here. A divorce is costly but an acrimonious one is more expensive and it also has more emotional and psychological costs. You have to spend a huge amount of money for your lawyer and even more if it’s going to be tried by a court or a jury. Are you willing to toss a huge amount of money to estrangers or be sane and just split the money between the two of you and to your children? If only you’ve decided to make arrangements and avoid doing your divorce the hard way, things need not be long and complicated. Plus, there’s the emotional and psychological stress caused by your constant bickering and disagreements. The most important part is your children would also be affected by you and your couple’s acrimony which I am sure any parents would not want to happen.

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